2014-09-08-1105 added:

As part of the property package of Worlde Arcane and City Of Supers, each has its own domain: worldearcane.com and cityofsupers.com. I will transfer ownership of these domains, along with the files.


Dear players & friends of M&M--

Worlde Arcane, City Of Supers, and Gone West are now in search of new owners and homes.

Note: No data is lost. All character profiles, posts, etc. are archived intact.


A malware attack infected hundreds of files in our games. I cleaned them all out ... but a second wave re-infected the sites. The host was unable to offer any support in finding the source of the attack. I removed all files from the vulnerable host and cleaned them of malware. [Note: In the process I indentified the source of the attack: a Wordpress injection script. I removed it.] The games' content is all now clean & archived, ready to be placed back online somewhere. But, because I have not been active for years in the games, and because this host has been troublesome before (remember in March 2006, the Dark Underlord event!? and now this!), I believe it is time for the games to move to new ownership as well as new web hosting. I am now offering the intellectual property of the games to worthy new owners. Current GMs will have some precedence of claim, but I am soliciting offers and proposals from anyone, and in the end I will hand over each game's files to whoever I believe will do the best job in transplanting them to their new lives. I was not the first owner; I will not be the last.


1. You must be experienced in online RPGs, with strong preference for M&M alumni. 2. You must be capable of administering the game on a suitable platform. See Hosting Options below. 3. You must agree that all players' characters and creations still belong exclusively to them. The gameworlds will be yours, but the players' characters must be theirs. 4. You must agree to keep the games free for all players. I won't forbid any monetization whatsoever, but basic access must be free. 5. You must have a lot of time to devote to the game. Do not underestimate this matter!


There are two: Discus or Rebuild. For Discus, at least, you will need a suitable web hosting service (they are not expensive). For a rebuild, you might find a free-hosted platform ... but due to the cheesy nature of such services, and the difficulty of extracting content once you've settled in, I might not look kindly on such proposals.

  • DISCUS - Currently the games are built on the Discus hierarchical message-board platform. Discus runs primarily in PERL, but also uses HTML, CSS, Javascript, and its own proprietary languages DML and DTL, plus various other databases encodings. Worlde Arcane has the additional requirement of an SQL database. In theory, the files as they exist now can be dropped into a new webhost, with some path configuration and other post-op tweaking, and they will simply surge back to life. I will offer what support I can, but it will be limited; ultimately, you must be able to run things on your own! Previous experience in Discus Admin is a great plus here. [Note also: The Discus software is no longer maintained; they shut their doors several years ago.] If you know what you're doing, this is the quickest and easiest option. If you don't, it will be difficult, but not impossible.
  • REBUILD - A talented and ambitious person might choose a new platform and rebuild the game from the materials in the archived files. The archives include area descriptions and pictures, backgrounds such as histories, guild pages, magick systems, maps ... the whole kaboodle. We rebuilt Worlde Arcane several times, once from the ground up (grand opening 1 Jan 2004, incl. the discovery of Ufaeria). Wordpress, Joomla, a forum package, a blog package ... name your platform! MediaWiki, for example, served wonderfully for Pale Ravens. I will listen to any proposal. For any serious applicant, a rebuild is quite doable. Some clever idea about what to do with the archived game posts will be a big plus.

    Please email me your thoughts & ideas on these matters ... and with good fortune our games will rise again!

    — Christopher Wood, cw@q23.us